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The first Molly Forrester novel
Molly Forrester #2
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Kick off your shoes and stay awhile...

"A sparkling series."
Chicago Sun-Times


"KILLER HEELS, Sheryl J. Anderson's hip debut mystery, sparkles like fine champagne, an intoxicating mix of wit, perception, and insouciance, and a wickedly clever but genuine depiction of single life in the city. KILLER HEELS will tap right to the top of the Best First lists." Carolyn Hart, award-winning author of the Death on Demand mystery series

From the Publisher

Molly Forrester had always hoped opportunity would knock, not throw itself at her feet. She enjoys playing a "Dear Abby" type for Zeitgeist magazine, a Manhattan glossy "wedged on the newsstand somewhere between Marie Claire and Cosmo." But when she literally stumbles onto a crime--tripping over a colleague's body and ruining her new pair of Jimmy Choos--she sees the potential to sink her teeth--or heels--into some real news for a change.

After all, writing a column dealing with people's secrets should be good preparation for solving a murder. Especially since the victim was a notorious lady's man. Still, even an expert could use some help. So Molly enlists Cassady and Tricia, the best friends she always turns to for support, shoes, and the proper cocktail.

She might even take a cue from that cute homicide detective.... Or is he cozying up because he thinks Molly's a killer?

Sheryl J. Anderson delivers a wickedly funny, sexy, and suspenseful novel about one girl tackling a killer in the Big Apple. Compared to negotiating Manhattan's singles scene, solving one eensy teensy stabbing shouldn't be that big a deal.... Right?


"Mix a splash of Carrie Bradshaw, a dash of Stephanie Plum and a wee bit of Kinsey Millhone and you have Molly Forrester... Ample laughs... well-crafted plot."
Publishers Weekly

"Delicious dialogue..."
Kirkus Reviews

"Upbeat, funny, and refreshingly original..."
Harriet Klausner,

Sheryl will be at the RT Booklovers Convention in Los Angeles on April 8.

Molly has been translated into Spanish, Dutch, Thai, and Russian.

Killer Riff, Molly's newest adventure, is now available in paperback.

Killer Deal is out in paperback.

"This 'Sleuth in the City' stays on her toes as Anderson keeps the story lighthearted and fast-paced." Publishers Weekly

Molly's second adventure, now out in paperback!

"Killer Cocktail is fast-moving and fun, and Molly evinces a likable streak of self-deprecation."
Maureen Corringan, Washington Post